Declaring my interest from the outset.  My intention is to (like everything I do) help make your wedding day relaxed, stress free, flow and be FUN in extraordinary ways you never dreamed possible.  With that in mind here are some truths.

  1. Weddings are expensive!  Whether your budget is $5000 or $105000 it is all relative…to YOU!
  2. You can SAVE $$$ – yes focus on your budget but more importantly look for VALUE.  I hear you say HOW do I save?  There are 2 EASY ways…
  3. First find a supplier you LIKE and TRUST then ask them for the people they like and trust!  It can be a celebrant, a hire company etc They get to know the genuine suppliers in the wedding industry.
  4. Next when it comes to suppliers who are going to attend and be at your wedding like celebrants, photographer, video, DJ and/or MC,  MEET THEM BEFORE YOU BOOK!  You want people that you LIKE and are at least as enthusiastic about wedding day as you are!
  5. Finally weddings, and planning your wedding is suppose to be FUN, so find the people that make your job FUN, easy and stress free!

There are of course many other things to consider but you can email and Follow me on Facebook to keep upto date on the latest wedding trends or simply email SMS or message me questions anytime [email protected]

Now for the obligatory SEO advertisement 🙂 Paul Collier is a DJ I MC and is Head of Guest Interaction & Dancing I Creator of Photobooth Fun I Capturing on screen Candid moments I Dance on a Cloud FX I Monogram Projections I Atmosphere Lighting Design.  Brisbane { Sunshine Coast I Maleny I Noosa I Gols Coast I Byron Bay I Toowoomba I Fraser Island I All over the great South East Hinterland and beyond! Australia & New Zealand

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