So when your searching for your DJ online you will find 4 types of DJs;;

  1. The Agency DJ
  2. The Multi-op Event DJ,
  3. The Professional DJ and
  4. The ‘Hobbiest’.

How do you tell the difference and which one is right for you?

  1. The Agency collects the contact details of DJ’s and they focus on getting you to pay a deposit (that they keep; that’s how they make their money).  Then they find someone to do the gig; the lowest bidder.  You do not get to meet the DJ and they rarely, if ever, answer their phone because they have a day job.  It’s a bit like playing Russian roulette.
  2. The Multi-Op DJs are easy to spot as they are the ‘Bridal Industry Award Winning Most Trusted Team’ types.  Similar to the Agency DJ but they focus on tricking you into believing they are the best because they have the most number of Bridal Industry Awards.  The part time DJ that works for them usually get a little bit more money than the Agency DJ but half your money is kept by the business owner.  They are the most expensive, great marketers but the most expensive.
  3. The Professional DJ is also easy to spot.  They have a website, not just a Facebook page.  They have an email address that is NOT a generic bigpond, gmail or hotmail account. They are in the wedding entertainment business full time and they give you the best VALUE.  These guys are serious about exceeding your expectations because their livelihood depends on it!  They also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, if you are not happy with what they do and delivering you the BEST WEDDING DAY EVER, you’ll get your money back.  Not the cheapest or the dearest, see the Multi Op DJ for that title, but the best VALUE!  You know they’ll always ‘turn up’ for your wedding and give you 100% because their reputation and livelihood depends on it.
  4. Finally the ‘Hobbiest’.  They are practicing aspiring DJs; you do not want them practising at your wedding.  Usually they have ‘heart’, that’s a good thing, but for them it’s a way of making a few hundred bucks on the weekend, a few drinks and getting social.  All too often they cancel at the last minute because someone else offered them more money to do their wedding. So as you can see there are a few problems with the way they approach a wedding.

I hope this information helps you make the best decision possible in choosing your DJ and always if you want more information email me anytime at [email protected] or go to P.S. We especially love travelling all over Queensland and New South Wales. ‘Hec’, we’ll go anywhere for a wedding in Brisbane – Sunshine Coast – Gympie – Byron – Rainbow Beach – Sandstone Point – Toowoomba – Noosa – Byron – Gatton – Maleny – Warwick – Montville – Ballina – Hervey Bay – Flaxton – The Hunter Valley – Mapleton – Taree – Sandstone Point – Agnes Waters – Oceanview – Sandstone Point – Caloundra – Gold Coast – Lochinvar… did I mention the Sunshine Coast!  Don’t pay too mush for your wedding DJ or Photobooth.

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