The secret to saving money when booking your DJ comes down to timing.  It’s that simple.  Most people think booking your DJ at the last minute will cost you because you think you’ll be perceived as desperate.  The truth is if a DJ is available for a date next week and they are not already booked you are in a strong position to negotiate.  Most DJs will lower their rate at the last minute because something is better than nothing.

So what’s the catch?

The catch is that DJs that are considered ‘better’ than the average DJ will be booked.  While this sometimes is true it’s mostly not always the case.  The DJs that are BEST at marketing are the DJs that get booked first.

SO what DJs don’t tell you is they discount their prices over time.  If you are booking 9 months or more before your wedding you will pay the most.  The general rule is Djs discount their rates as as they get closer to the date.  The exception to the rule is some Djs increase their rate for the most popular months i.e March August, September and October in Queensland.  It’s economics 101, demand and supply.

Be aware the following also happens.  In an attempt to find out just how much they can charge, some DJs (usually the ones running expensive Adword campaigns), will pick a particular Saturday in a popular month and will quote much, much more for that date just to see if someone will pay them twice what they normally get paid; they always discount as they closer to the day.  This idea is driven by the DJs greed and ego.  While I agree DJs should be paid what they are worth, they are more often than not, not worth it!  You will get better value elsewhere; shop around, do your homework.  Do not believe their marketing hype like Bridal Industry Awards or Choice Awards.  Look for the couples genuine Reviews on third party websites like Facebook and Easy weddings.

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