Q. How do you make a Photobooth fun?

  1.  Have an enclosed Photobooth.  Enclosed booths tend to work so much better than an open booth from an entertainment perspective because people generally prefer to have the FUN poses etc behind closed doors… NOT out in the open 🙂 
  2. Make sure the operator is a ‘people’ person who understands fun and entertainment,  Someone who hasn’t come to spend their whole night texting.

The Photobooth is a 1.5 metre by 1.5 metre enclosed booth.   I provide all the props but if you want to provide something specific you are welcome to bring some along. 


The Booth is fully automated touch screen technology, using a quality Canon DSLR digital camera, studio flash and it takes 4 photos every time couples/groups enter the booth. 

The 4 photos are then printed out (2 copies) and your guests can either keep both sets or stick one in an album (not included) and keep the other.

What goes on in the booth doesn’t stay in the booth 🙂 You’ll get all the photos on a USB at the end of the night!  Packages start at $350 (inc GST).