in 2019 why book a professional MC?  Yes uncle Pete or a best friend who can talk in public, know you and is funny seems ideal but there are a couple of things to consider.

First do you want that person to have to work at your wedding because it is a very important job that will ultimately determine if everything  ‘runs like ‘clockwork’.  Time delays can be very costly.

Second do they have the experience of ‘running’ lots and lots of wedding events?  When it comes to the MC role, experience at your venue and in weddings make all the difference.

Finally, when booking an MC it makes sense to find a well respected experienced DJ that can do BOTH jobs professionally.  The DJ is already at your reception so it shouldn’t cost you another $600+  to pay a celebrant (who is NOT coming to your reception).  Also a seperate second DJ to act as an MC is an additional cost you do not need.  The right professional DJ can do both and should charge you extra to do so. 

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